About Inshore Creative

Robust sailing, in peace and quiet

Would you like to experience sailing in comfort and silence? Would you like to enjoy the river environment in a responsible way?  Enjoying a Dutch-build sloop with an authentic character and forward-looking drive?  Benefitting from simple maintenance and substantial cost savings over petrol-fuelled boats,  a day’s sailing for the price of a cappuccino?
It is all possible with the Machinist010.

The boat

Because of the compact and whisper-quiet electric propulsion, the Machinist010 makes optimal use of the available space.  As a result, you have ample room for six guests in addition to yourself as captain. The seating is equiped with high-quality cushions in a spacious and comfortable sloop,  with sufficient storage space for everything you need for a relaxing day on the water. If you choose to charge the batteries with renewable energy, the sailing will be completely enviromentally friendly.

The design

The hull of the Machinist010 is based on a traditional design, which can be fitted out according to your wishes. This means that not only can you get the boat in any colour combination you desire, the further possibilities are endless: Would you prefer a rubber fender to a rope fender? No problem. A larger sun deck? We arrange it for you. A table? Lighting? Audio system? All of this is possible.
Free your imagination, Inshore Creative can capture your desires.

The propulsion

The Machinist010 is equipped with a two-kilowatt electric motor as standard, which achieves a good balance between speed and range. Roughly equivalent to a standard recreational outboard motor, the electric propulsion does its job without the noise, vibration and exhaust. The engine transfers its power to the bronze three-bladed propeller via a stainless-steel, water-lubricated shaft installation, ensuring no contaminants can get into the water. The design always stays loyal to its one hundred percent environmentally friendly character.

The batteries

The battery-compartiments are located beneath the storage spaces under the benches. They have enough room to be equipped with different capacities of maintenance-free AGM batteries, in accordance with the desired range. These batteries can be fully charged overnight by means of the battery charger built into the boat. This charger runs on a 230-volt connection, which makes every standard socket suitable as a charging point. The batteries have a lifetime of one thousand recharge cycles. However, this does not mean that the batteries must be replaced after 1000 day-trips; they retain about eighty percent of their original capacity at this point.

The controls

On the Machinist010 you will not find any typical steering wheel, huge rudder or tiller. The steering is done in a unique way by means of an antique, horizontally mounted quadrant, which is directly connected to the rudder. This set-up not only gives you a more direct feeling for the behaviour of the boat, it is also less damage-prone and practically maintenance-free. The feature helm, originating from working ships adds to the already unique character of the vessel.

The maintenance

The Machinist010 is a boat that only requires simple maintenance to the hull and wood. The batteries, motor and electronics are completely maintenance-free.
Contrary to the prevailing opinion, maintenance of a steel ship is straight-forward  and requires little specialized knowledge.  Carried out correctly and on time, you will find that your boat does not have a maximum lifespan. Your grandchildren will still be able to enjoy the river on it.


With a traditional drive many thousands of euros disappear in the fuel tank over the years, the charging of the batteries in an electric boat costs a fraction of that. Due to the lack of further cost items such as oil, filters, coolant and the like, the bottom-line of electric sailing is significantly cheaper than sailing with a combustion engine. The purchase costs of an electrically powered vessel are higher than those of a comparable boat with a combustion engine. However, due to the huge savings this type of drive system achieves on fuel and maintenance costs,  you not only save this difference, but the entire purchase price of your  Machinist010can be recouped well within the lifetime of one set of batteries, retaining a future-proofed drive system.


Are you already convinced of the advantages of electric sailing, but not yet ready to say goodbye to your current boat? No problem, Inshore Creative can also re-fit your vessel with an electric drive. We take care of the whole process from A to Z. So that you can continue to enjoy your trusted vessel with all the advantages of a modern, reliable,  silent drive.